Complimentary Hair Consultation
Complimentary Hair Consultation
Complimentary Hair Consultation

Get a Complimentary Personalized Hair Consultation

What is a hair consultation?

A consultation is an important part of helping new and prospective customers achieve their best look, and is especially important if you are considering a new hairstyle or a color change. The consultation helps your stylist know exactly what your hair goals are, and ensures that both you and your stylist are on the exact same page for your color, cut, and style goals.

Our consultations lets your stylist understand your needs and give the stylist the information needed to recommend how your best look can be achieved. We recommend a consultation with new clients to talk through the details of your goals whether for hair color services, haircuts, everyday style, or an elaborate wedding up-style.

If considering coloring your hair, we’ll provide a hair color consultation, and give recommendations on what color will look best. Our colorists make sure that your hair color will compliment your hair style and the style compliments the color. For clients who need color correction services, our experienced colorists will help you understand the best way to get you looking your best.

How it works

When you come to Riverblue Salon Spa for your consultation, we’ll have you sit in one of our chairs so that one of our stylists can have a friendly discussion with you for about 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure to ask any questions that you may have, whether before, during, or after the consultation. Feel free to bring along and show the stylist any pictures of what you do like and don’t like.

Our stylists will begin by asking a little bit of information about you including some questions about your normal hair routine:

  • Do you like to blow dry your hair, let it partially air dry, let it fully air dry, flat iron, etc.?
  • What type of products do you use in your hair?
  • How much time do you normally like to spend on your hair routine each day?
  • How satisfied are you with the way your hair looks?

Our stylists continue to actively listen in order to gain knowledge about your hair history, hair experience, and hair goals.  They’ll ask you questions about:

  • Any past bad hairstyling experiences
  • The good things that you like about your hair
  • What if anything do you not like about your hair
  • Chemical history/color history
  • Information about your hair’s recent history- including things such as colors you’ve had, and if there are any chemicals used that you need to avoid

After the above discussions, the stylist will take a look at your hair length, hair thickness, overall hair volume, porosity, oiliness/dryness, level of damage or health, curl pattern, and color (shade and tone).

Color consultations

At Riverblue Salon Spa, one of our special skills is hair color. For clients considering color services such as full hair color, highlights, balayage, root color, or color correction, our consultations include discussion around these topics as well:

  • What do you like about your current color?
  • Was there any previous color that you had that you really loved?
  • Do you want a subtle or more dramatic change?
  • Do you feel your hair is too light or dark?
  • Are you looking for a color correction?

After you and the stylist’s discussions of the above, and working through any other questions that arise during the discussion, our stylists will evaluate your hair to come up with the best recommendation for the hair color service you are considering:

  • The hair’s texture is evaluated. Depending on whether it is fine, medium, or coarse, the texture indicates how quickly the hair will lighten or how resistant it will be (thus taking longer to color).
  • Our stylists consider skin tone, facial features and eye color in order to recommend an ideal shade.

If there is any gray hair, the stylist will take note of this in determining the right product for covering lighter strands.

After the Consultation

The stylist will recommend the best next step to help you achieve your ideal hair with top notch quality that can let you look and feel your best, and give recommended hair maintenance tips that you can fit into your daily hair care routine to ensure your color and style are maintained.

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